Porcelain Crowns & Dentures


Clinical research shows that good dental health also plays a major role in your overall medical health. A great smile and nice teeth not only boost your self-esteem and confidence but also allow you to eat all the types of food our bodies need to stay healthy.

There are both fixed and moveable options to help restore your dental health; the aesthetic appearance of your new teeth, the time taken and costs involved are outlined below.


As it can be understood from the name, all-ceramic crowns are entirely made of engineered glass particles. The light diffusion through porcelain crowns are close to a natural tooth. Therefore, they have an unmatched natural and aesthetic look. In Mydent Dental Centre Turkey, we regularly use All-Ceramic Dental Crowns for patients especially whose main concern is the aesthetics.

There are various full porcelain crown brands in the dentistry market; E.max, Vivaneer, Lava, Oprec, Vitablock, Empress, Cerec and more. E.max is one of the most reputable porcelain crown brands in the market. In our clinic, we use E.max crowns due to their immaculate aesthetic results and mechanical strength.


The colour of a tooth is not the same in every surface of it. While gingival part of a tooth is more opaque, the incisal edge is more translucent. Therefore, a uniform porcelain crown will not reflect a natural and aesthetic look. However, the latest improvements on porcelain materials have overcome this problem. The multi-layered crowns prepared with E.max Press Multi ingots gives an unmatched natural and aesthetic look.


Zirconia Crowns are one of the most popular type of aesthetic dental crown which is widely used in contemporary dentistry. They are highly aesthetic and also have great mechanical strength, which allows us to use them not only for front teeth, but also high load bearing areas such as molar teeth.

In Mydent Dental Clinic, Fethiye/Turkey, our expert dentists work in a great collaboration with our dental technicians. We prepare Zirconia crowns in the shortest durations in our in-clinic dental laboratory which is equipped with the latest technology 3D design and milling devices.


A Porcelain Fused to Metal crown consists of a dark coloured metal base and white porcelain layers on top of this base. PFM Dental Crowns were the gold standard for aesthetic cases once upon a time. However, in the last few years, they lost their seat to Porcelain Fused to Zirconia Crowns. The black alloy base of PFM crowns which is masked by opaquer materials may prevent achieving a natural look for the crown. Even though there are more aesthetic options available, they are still the first choice of most of the dental clinics because of their durability and cost effectiveness.


A Natural Look & Longer Usage

Partial dentures can be fitted using metal hooks if required, offering the patient a natural smile. Modern dentures are both tougher and designed to last longer.


Just like natural teeth, dentures require routine care and maintenance. However, modern technology means they can be made from bacteria-resistant material, which reduces bacterial adhesion and reduces the risk of complications sometimes associated with free monomers.

Aesthetics & Function

Modern dentures can restore your smile and be an effective replacement for natural teeth, helping the patient enjoy not only all types of food but also clarity of speech.